living room ideas navy blue sofa

living room ideas navy blue sofa is part of Earthy Neutral Living Room – it’s getting thick its growing in thick its looking sweet, aint it i cant think of nothing to say, nothing shootz brah im acting like celo with my animal during an interview hey buddy so whats up guys, i just wanted to give you a quick little tutorial on layering stain kind of like i did on the top of that wave desk, on the outside, where i had a couple different colors, sanded it just a little bit, and then layered it it gave it a kind of cool look so i just wanted to give a tutorial because to go along with that desk the person wanted a little storage area to go up under the desk for the supplies and stuff like that so i just whipped up this little storageunit its just a box with a shelf and its got some wood slats in the back and its got some little castor wheels on the bottom so it can out from under the desk it was a simple little project so i’m not going to waste your time showing you how to build this thing i’m just going to show you how i finished it so, to get started i went ahead and did the inside a solid color because i’m not worried about layering it on the inside there will be baskets in there so i’m not worried about that as far as supplies, you don’t really need that many, at the minimum you need two different colors of stain i have that dark kona and that sunbleached that i will put on top i have the polycrylic to seal everything up you’ll also need just a 220 girt sandpaper just to lightly sand it and then just a staining rag so you can rub in the stain that’s it as far as the supplies go to get started i’m going to go ahead and put tat first layer on which is going to be the kona, the dark brown i’m just going to put in on, let it dry and then go from there i usually use a rag but you can use a sponge brush or you could just use a regular brush the reason i like a rag is because i tend to have more control over thethe stain when i apply it so, that’s why i like using a rag what i end up doing is i just cut down a tshirt into a small square what i don’t want is to have a big huge rag where i’m worrying about controlling the excess or anything like that so i take a little rag and i what i do is wrap two fingers around, get it wet with stain, and then i can really control it just using the two fingers so that’s the method i tend to use all right, so i just finished that first coat of kona stain and even though i plan on putting a second coat just on the outside part i want to go ahead and lightly sand itbecause even though i’m going to be covering it with more stain, this kind of starts the process of it having that cool layered look where it has some darker spots and lighter spots what will happen is i’ll go ahead and lightly sand this i’ll actually sand away some of this first coat to where a lot of the bare wood underneath is exposed so when i put that second coat on the places where it still has some of this dark stain, it will get darker, and then it will stain some of the places i sanded it will be a little lighter what it will do is start giving it that texture look so, i’m going to lightly sand it real quick and then put another coat of this kona stain on the outside all right, i just finished up that second coat of kona stain and i went ahead and lightly sanded it again as you can see, what i was doing was just putting more pressure in certain areas than others and it was getting it down to the bare wood and it gave it a streaky look which is exactly what i was going for now i’m done with that step and now i’m going to do the final color, sunbleached, which is like a light grey color on this color what i plan on doing is i’ll just apply the stain and then as soon as i put it on just immediately just wipe it off i don’t want to much of it to stay on there but i do want a little bit of that color so i just finished up the grey and as a last step i went ahead and went over all of it with a 220 grit, lightly, just blending the grey and what i ended up with is this streaky wood grain look i think it looks awesome! so i’m finished with everything on the outside and the only thing i left to do is to put a coat of protection on i’m going to use polycrylic on the outside, gloss i really think gloss makes this effect really pop and look cool with the shine so i’ll put a gloss on the outside and just a satin on the inside i didn’t really do anything to the inside so i want to keep the look subdued so that’s the last thing i need to do and then i’ll be done music so, there you have it, that’s layering stain and as you saw it’s super easy even he could do it this dudes huge isnt he, i bet he weighs like thirty pounds he’s so fat he doesn’t like being called fat what you mad now why you fat i called you fat all right buddy see you later why you so mad dude why you so mad goofy cat i guess i’ll see you guys later later dude, later later tater Tweet

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