Green guest room reveal with 11 DIY projects

Green guest room reveal with 11 DIY projects is part of Home Accents DIY Headboards – valance you see below using this fabric We also hung some white fabric blinds I then made the two little minimalist paper houses you see on the window sill You can download the pattern for them here Then I made a paper collage with some cutouts I gilded the edges and glued them to a piece of cardstock, then framed the whole thing I also fixed the left side of the desk The table top had been cut short leaving quite a gap between it and the wall You can sort of see it in the before picture if you scroll back up Or just take my word for it I bondo’ed and sanded, then painted I got this lamp and this chair On the wall to the right of the desk wall, we hung this mirror We updated the knobs on the closet to these knobs Then we built a hook rack I painted a hanger green same paint as the desk and made a tassel for it with my new tassel maker I think this will be a great thing for guests to use Next, Frank and I built this bench using some Ash wood, which I then recovered using this fabric It’s a nice big sturdy bench where guest can sit while getting dressed or use for their suitcase if they don’t want to unpack Then I built a canvas and did a liquid pour art piece using the same greens as in the fabric and lots of white You basically dump a lot of paint on a canvas and then swirl it around It’s a lot of fun On my Instastories I showed all the small trial pieces I did before attempting this big one The rug is from Homegoods I got this waste basket And this brass flower pot This faux succulent which I stuck inside the brass flower pot Now to the bed My favorite part of the room The side table is from Homegoods I got this bedside lamp The sheep skin is from IKEA from before they cut two out of one (my unverified suspicion or there are some real miniature sheep running around somewhere) When the fabric finally arrived from the printer I upholstered the bed with it I just love how that turned out I will do a full post on that We added new walnut legs to the bed This is the bed we modified I tried my hand at piping for the first time and I just loved how that turned out For art above the bed I wanted something very simple that would not compete with the fabric on the bed I made a drawing of some branches with some leaves I used these frames for both this print and for the hexagon cardstock art (just a smaller size) mentioned earlier I love to mix woods As you can see we have three walnut elements The chair, the mirror and the bed legs Then we have the stained ash from the bench which coordinates with the beside table and finally a weathered wood in the two frames that hang on opposite walls I think it ads great interest to the room instead of say, making all the wood elements walnut I also sewed a green linen cover for the king sham for the bed If you are keeping score, these are the DIYs we did for the green guest room Green leaf fabric design Minimalist cardstock houses fabric covered pelmet board Hexagon cardstock art with gilded edges Hook rack Painted hanger with tassel Pleather ash bench Canvas with Liquid pour artwork Leaf branches drawing Green bed pillow Fabric upholstered bed Follow me on Instagram for our next project the green guest bath @ahomefordesignfoodcrafts Future projects Finishing the office and making over a teen hang out area

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